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Eat Nutritious Healing Food and Live Longer- Part 1 (PATHTHIYAM -பத்தியம்)

Eat Nutritious Healing Food and Live Longer- Part 1

By  Ratnasingam  Sritharan   B.Sc



Now-days researchers announce discoveries that show how the food we eat help fight diseases. Over many thousands of years, indigenous people from different parts of the world have been taking food that are healing to their ailments and leading a healthy life.

Two thousand years ago a Greek Philosopher Hippocrates (400 years B.C) called “the father of medicine” said “let food be your medicine”. Furthermore Thiruvalluvar the great Tamil poet has laid the following to the humanity to lead a healthy long life.

“His body need no medicine who only eats after digesting what he ate before” – 942

God (Nature) has given mankind lots and lots of grain, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and many more things, but man in the name of civilization has produced refined processed foods which are the real and main cause of today’s illness both physical and mental.

“We are what we eat” This statement is very true. Food is necessary for our physical well-being but it also has a subtle effect on our minds. It is our responsibility and duty to know what to eat and what not to eat. In the universe energy has three qualities known as “Gunas” that exist in equilibrium. The three “Gunas” encompasses in all existences and actions. They are “Tamas” ( darkness) , Rajes” (activity), and Sattvic (purity).

Tamasic food items include meat, alcohol, drugs, and fermented foods such as vinegar- over eating is also regarded as Tamasic. A Tamasic food benefits neither the mind nor the body. Tamasic food is totally forbidden for yoga practice.

Rajes food items include very hot (with pepper), bitter, sour, sweet, and salty food. These foods include substances such as hot spices, strong coffee and tea, eggs and chocolate.

Eating in a hurry also considered Rajesic. Too much Rajesic food will over stimulate the body  and excite the passion, thus making the mind and body restless and uncontrollable. Rajesic food is also not suitable for the practice of Yoga.

Sattvic foods include cereals, whole wheat bread, fresh juices, and fruits, vegetables, milk , butter, cheese, yoghurt, lentils such as dhal, peas , beans, nuts, seeds sprouted seeds, honey and herbal tea. Sattvic food is nutritious and helps the body to maintain a peaceful state  and purifies the mind. This is the pleasant of all diets and the most suitable for yoga practice.

Moderate eating good food gives satisfaction to our mind and harmony to our body. Over eating makes the mind agitated or dull and makes the body heavy and tired. Eating at a fixed time makes the mind and body peaceful. We also must learn to eat cheerfully. Cheerful mood will give immense benefits to the body and mind.

“Prevention is better than cure”. This is a golden proverb. Eat nutritious, healthy, healing food and prevent all disease. Do not waste food. If we are wasting food, we are wasting not only our food but also another person’s food. Enjoy the nutritious, healing foods and live long.


May God Bless all.

Sri Anna















P.S:    I was trying to find an English word for பத்தியம்  from two well recognized Tamil-English dictionaries,  one of which is the Tamil Lexicon from Madras University.  Surprisingly, there is no English word for  பத்தியம் .  Both dictionaries indicate the meaning as :  food that enhances the function of the prescribed medicine.When I asked my friend who has knowledge on this subject, he said ” there is no surprise in this because western medicine has no such thing as பத்தியம். ”

Seeni Gnanes


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